An art of painting developed by

Liane Collot d’Herbois

Light and darkness as polar spiritual entities, bringing about movement, are giving a point of view for the art of painting that makes it possible to treat colours as if living, not static, things.


The anthroposophical spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner gives the knowledge for this.


The colours at the sky are appearing by the interaction of the sunlight and the cosmic and material darkness. In the human-being they find their equivalence as the light of thinking and the darkness of will bringing about our ever moving colourful world of feeling.


In this art of painting, dealing with these principles, are united the colours of the sky with our moving inner world of feeling. It expresses itself by being painted as colour-movements

The colours will be build up by many transparent veils of aquarel paint on dry paper.


The painting of the colour-movements in according to their relations to light and darkness is the first stage in this art of painting. The second stage is bringing the colours into conversation with each other. Out of this weaving with the colours motifs will become visible. Working out these motifs is the third stage.


In the first stage the colours are painted in accordance with the laws of light and darkness, as Liane Collot d’Herbois call it. These laws, old as the world, will last until the end of our earth evolution. In the second stage our artistic feelings will speak. The knowledge of the high spiritual entities being the offspring of movement, of the creation, is so to speak the religious background of this art of painting. So science, art and religion are united by these three aspects.


Working with these objective realities makes this art of painting to a healing activity for the painter himself and it works out healing for the one who is observing it as well.

For more information about this art of painting see the following literature:

Liane Collot d'Herbois


a Textbook for Anthroposophical Painting Groups

Floris books 2008

ISBN 9780863156250

"Light, Darkness and Colour in Painting Therapy"

Floris books 2000​

ISBN 9780863153273

Elisabeth de Bruyne

“Light and Darkness in the Art of Painting”

This book contains a description of her pathway through this art of painting with 26 paintings of hers + a description of them, written in English and German.

99 Pages, A4 size, bounded, € 30,- + postal cost.

“The painting of the Colour-Movements after Liane Collot d’Herbois”

It contains a description of the background of the art of painting out of light and darkness + a description of the painting of the colour-movements with 7 sketches and a colour-arch.

115 Pages, € 19,- + postal cost.

"The Spiritual Significance of Colour for the Daily Life”


It describes how we can have influence on our daily life by the knowledge of the spiritual working of colours on our soul, harmonizing it.

65 Pages-illustrated with two paintings of the author. 

€ 17.50 + postal cost.

Tales for Children

"Tales of Heaven and Earth" 

Seven colourful tales for children with 8 pagefilling veilpaintings.

Written and painted by Aria Maria.

Bounded, € 20,- + postal cost.

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Flokomintie 63

FI-07940 Loviissa


Tel + 31 6 483 596 63 

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