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An art of painting developed by Liane Collot d’Herbois

In the Earth's atmosphere the colours are appearing through the meeting of light  (the sunlight) and darkness (the air and the dark cosmos), through their cooperation, their working against each other, their penetrating of each other. Without this light and without these two kinds of darkness no colours would appear in the sky.

Light, darkness and colour have their equivalent, although on another level, to the human thinking and will; their interaction brings about the ever moving colourful world of feeling.

Seen from a spiritual level light and darkness are very elevated creative entities. Through their meeting movement comes into existence and out of movement the whole creation came and still comes into being.


Because Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical spiritual science it became possible to observe light, darkness and colour on these three levels. It enabled Liane Collot d’Herbois to integrate Goethe’s theory of colours into her art of painting. 


The movement of the colours, as Liane has observed it, is the uniting of through scientific processes originating colours with the ever-moving world of the human feeling. The painting of such is seen as the first stage in the art of painting.


The second stage is called ”the weaving of the colours”. It is a bringing into conversation of colours. By this interweaving motifs will arise.


The working out of these motifs is the third stage.


The technic is veil painting; the intensifying of the colours by many transparent veils of paint on top of each other on dry paper.

In this art of painting science, art and religion are becoming inseparable.


Practicing this art of painting, which unites beauty with cosmic spiritual truth, is bringing harmony, even health to the painter himself as well to those who are going to look at the painting.

For more about the art of painting of Liane Collot d’Herbois see the following  list of literature:

Liane Collot d'Herbois


a Textbook for the Painting Group Magenta

Floris books 2008

ISBN 9780863156250

"Light, Darkness and Colour in Painting Therapy"

Floris books 2000​

ISBN 9780863153273

Elisabeth de Bruyne

“Light and Darkness in the Art of Painting”


It is asking a long way of practicing to become at home in the art of painting of Liane Collot d'Herbois.

Given is a description of the struggling of the author to obtain this, as well as its philosophical background.

The twenty-six paintings of the author which the book is containing are provided with a description of them.

This art of painting has possibilities that goes until the far future, to high spirituality. It is demanding for the painter to set off on this way.


99 Pages, A4 size, bounded, € 30,- + shipping costs.

“Excercises for the painting of the Colour-Movements after Liane Collot d’Herbois”

It contains a description of the background of the art of painting out of light and darkness + a description of the painting of the colour-movements with 7 sketches and a colour-arch.

115 Pages, € 19,- + shipping costs.

"The Spiritual Significance of Colour for the Daily Life”


It describes how we can have influence on our daily life by the knowledge of the spiritual working of colours on our soul, harmonizing it.

65 Pages-illustrated with two paintings of the author. 

€ 17.50 + shipping costs.

"The Spirituality of Light-Darknesspainting”

In this booklet are collected further thoughts and insights about the art of painting, based on the appearance of colour through the meeting of light and darkness, which the author received through the many years she was living with this art of painting.
74 pages, € 17,50 + shipping costs.

Tales for Children

"Tales of Heaven and Earth" 

Seven colourful tales for children with 8 pagefilling veilpaintings.

Written and painted by Aria Maria.

Bounded, € 20,- + postal cost.

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